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Delage D6-75TT


1930 was the year that Delage introduced the D6 model range. The 6-cylinder engine was mainly developed for Delage’s luxury cars whose lifespan continued even after World War II until 1953. Starting with a 2001cc 6-cylinder, the engine size increased over time to a 3-litre Postwar engine and so did the power output.

Wonderful coach builds were made on these Delages and the make became known for its fabulous automobiles with the D8, 4litre 8- Cylinder, as the pinnacle of a flamboyant luxury car.

In the late 30’s, Delage started racing with the D6. First with the D6-70TT, later with the evolution of that car, the Delage D6-75TT. These Delages share the Cotal gearbox and front suspension with the Delahaye  race cars, “not a bad thing at all”. The original Cotal gearbox is a superb piece of engineering. Imagine it as a semi-automatic electronic prewar ‘tiptronic’. Very light, easy to work with and no grinding of gears, making it loved by amateurs and racing drivers alike.

The Delage we present you is the later and fully developed D6-75TT. Starting life as a regular D6-75, the Grand Prix body was made in the ‘70’s and the engine received all the special racing bits.  Fitted with three period downdraft Stromberg carburettors, the uprated inlet manifold, uprated exhaust manifold and system all adding up to about 160bhp.  This car is very very fast indeed and has raced all of its life, been entered on many international rallies around the world, and completing the Mille Miglia just last May as start number 148.
The engine is currently being professionally rebuilt and will be in perfect fresh condition ready for its next owner.

Be quick, this car will sell as fast as it drives!

More photos and documentation upon request.

Priced at 325.000 euros