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Ferrari 365 GT 2+2


Introduced in 1967, the Ferrari 365 GT 2+2 was the successor of the 330 series. The lines, unmistakably designed by Pininfarina, making it a beautiful and timeless Grand Tourer. Production started in 1968 and only continued until 1971 after 801 Ferrari’s were made.

With the new design of Pininfarina, also new technical features were brought into the car. The 365 was equipped from standard with power steering and brakes, electrical windows and self levelling independent rear suspension. All of this making the car a leading example in luxury. If you combine this with the legendary 4.4 litre ‘Colombo’ V12, you will have a car that will go “Rather Well”. With 330 BHP in the front, it is one of the classical Ferrari setups and a well-proven success.

This car in particular has received some love from the last owner. New clutch, New tyres, new paintjob and a complete service of the engine, carburetors and fuel system along with a complete checkover, bringing it completely up to expected standards. This 365 is a very nice example in a wonderful and yet elegant colour setting. Jump in an let the scenery slide past you while you carve through the landscape, 365 GT days of the year.

More photos and documentation upon request.

Priced at 265.000 euros