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1938 Jaguar SS 100


 Swallow Sidecar Company Ltd started in 1922 in the city of Blackpool. After mainly manufacturing sidecars, they started production of their first cars, the SS1 (6-cylinder) and SS2 (4-cylinder) in 1932.

Only shortly after, the second run of Saloon cars started with the SS ‘Jaguar’1.5litres, 2.5litres and later the 3.5litres. More remarkable, their first sportscar rolled out of their workshop in 1935. The SS90 was capable of doing 90MPH and only weighing 927kgs, you can imagine that the cocktail was perfect for the new customers who liked sporty cars. Only 23 examples were made before SS decided to improve the car and introduce the SS 100. From 1936 onwards customers were threaded with the possibility of doing 100MPH (if the roads were good enough). At first the 2.5litres 6-cylinders were derived from the SS 2.5Litres Saloons. A lot of parts were common, only the bodywork was obviously different and the chassis of the SS100 was shortened. After an handful of cars rolled of the production line, 1938 was the year SS Cars decided to upgraded the SS100 to 3.5litres. The SS Jaguar 3.5l saloons were only introduced the year before and the capabilities of the new 3.5litres already proved very hopeful.

The car was standing on 18inch wired wheels supported with half rounded elliptical springs and rigid axles all around. 3485cc’s spread over 6 cylinders gave the car 125BHP. For a car that only weighs 990kgs, 0-60MPH was done in 10.4 seconds with a 4-speed synchronised gearbox. Once up to speed, the roadster could rely on Girling brakes to bring everything safely to a stop.

After only 116 3.5l SS 100’s were made, production stopped in 1940 for 5 years for obvious reasons.

Restarting production in 1945, SS-cars had to change their name after the Nazi heritage. ‘Jaguar’ was used as an additional name anyway and the elegant but powerful cat was an easy pick to resemble their sporty cars. The rest is history, like we all know.

This SS100 presented in the lovely original blue Jaguar colour, started life as an SS 3.5l saloon in 1938. Imported from England in 2014, the Saloon was still matching numbers but already half disassembled and partly restored. Liking sporty cars, the current owner decided the best option would be to keep all the original bits and rebuild it as an Jaguar SS100. The chassis has been shortened professionally and the bodywork has been completely coachbuilt together with the ash frame to original specification. Every single part has been renewed, restored or refurbished and all the unused parts from the SS 3.5l are still with the car. So is the original matching gearbox which has been rebuilt but personal preference decided to fit a 5-speed box in the car. This can be altered again without any problems.

The car is in absolute concours condition from top to bottom and a real heads-turner. The SS100 stand synonymous with one of the most aesthetically pleasing cars, maybe even the most gorgeous Jaguar ever made.

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