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Mille Miglia 19-22 May

"The most beautiful race in the world" according to the Italians, is a recipe almost a century old. You start in Brescia, drive on public roads to Roma and then drive back to Brescia along the most beautiful roads and little villages you can dream of. When the race began in 1927, those 1000 miles or 1600 kms were done in one go which made it a proper endurance race for car and driver. The record is still held by Sir Stirling Moss who did it in just over 10 hours with his Mercedes SLR. In 1957, the race was discontinued because safety became more important. This beautiful race was revived but three days and later 4 days of racing were considered the better option. If you have a car between 1927 and 1957 which is Mille Miglia Eligable, we strongly recommend you to take part is this unbelievable event. This year we supported a Lancia Augusta Earl March body, Lagonda M45R Team car, a raw Talbot Lago T26, a purpose build Giannini Dagrada 750 Siluro Sport and a stunning Ferrari 250 gt Boano. Other than the Dagrada, which suffered an oil starvation problem, all the other finished without major problems. Brescia, we will see you next year!